The life and career of bruce goff an american architect

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The life and career of bruce goff an american architect

Early years[ edit ] Bruce Goff's father, Corliss, the youngest of seven children born to a builder in Cameron, Missouri, who learned to be a watch repairman at an early age, and moved to Wakeeney, Kansas, where he opened his own watch repair business. Romance blossomed quickly and the two were married in at the home of her parents in Ellis, Kansas.

Soon after marriage, the couple moved to the farm town of Alton, Kansaswhere their son, Bruce, was born on June 8, At the end of the first summer, they moved to Henrietta, where Bruce's sister was born in Then they moved to Skiatook and Hominy, where he saw the Indians in ceremonial dress, and was very impressed with their patterns and color.

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He started school in Skiatook, where he was fascinated by a picture of the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, his first real exposure to architecture, other than frontier structures. Later, after moving to Hominy, he began drawing fanciful pictures of such buildings on wrapping paper.

First, Corliss went ahead of the mother and children who stayed with her relatives in Ellis, Kansas. He bought a watch shop and opened for business. Meanwhile Bruce, displaying the talent of an artistic prodigy, learned to paint from nature [b] At the end of the summer,Corliss sent for the family to rejoin him in Denver.

The economy did not favor his efforts, and Bruce later remembered going to bed hungry many nights, because his father could not afford enough food for the family. After a year and a half of constant struggle, Corliss realized that his fortune was not going to change there.

Goff's parents decided to move back to Tulsa in Corliss had given up on the watchmaking business and became a grocery equipment salesman. Bruce was largely self-educated and displayed a great talent for drawing. He enrolled in the 6th Grade at Lincoln Elementary School, where his first art teacher, a Miss Brown, strongly supported his individualistic artistic expression.

This house was added to the National Register of Historic Places in During this period, his work was heavily influenced through his correspondence with Wright and with Louis Sullivanboth of whom had encouraged him to practice architecture with Rush, Endacott and Rush instead of enrolling in Massachusetts Institute of Technology ; they felt the formal education would stifle his creativity.

Goff was made a firm partner in He designed several Chicago-area residences and went to work for the manufacturer of "Vitrolite", an architectural sheet glass introduced during the s. Goff enlisted in the U. Navy, Naval Construction Branch " Seabees ".

Called to active duty in July,he underwent basic training, at first in Rhode Island and then at Gulfport, Mississippi. His design assignments were strictly conventional e.

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A senior officer, Admiral Reeves, who was familiar with Goff's work in Alaska, had Goff assigned to the base operations staff. Goff would remain there until he was discharged from the Navy in July, Inthe Marine command had ordered a project to enlarge some service facilities for men stationed there and their civilian visitors families.

The life and career of bruce goff an american architect

The project included remodeling eight existing buildings and constructing the newly-approved McCann Memorial Chapel. He reminded Goff that the same restrictions he had experienced in Alaska would apply here.

A pylon, on which was mounted a two-sided cross, penetrated the hut wall behind the altar. Since the chapel had to be multi-denominational, one side of the cross designated "Protestant" was unadorned.

The reverse side of the cross "Catholic" was adorned with a crucifix. For Jewish services, the cross could be concealed by the tablets of Moses. According to Nicolaides, the Camp Parks chapel was purchased inas surplus military property and rebuilt in San Lorenzo, California.

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No more has been published about the building. Post-war period[ edit ] He also obtained a teaching position with the School of Architecture at the University of Oklahoma in In his private practice, Goff built a large number of residences in the American Midwest, developing his singular style of organic architecture that was client- and site-specific.

InGoff, who was homosexualwas accused of "endangering the morals of a minor", as homosexuality was not socially acceptable in Oklahoma in There he continued to produce novel designs, and also spent considerable time traveling and lecturing.

Articles about his ideas and designs appeared frequently in professional magazines, such as Progressive Architecture, Art in America and Architectural Forum.Located in the northeast corner of Oklahoma in what Okies refer to as “Green Country,” Tulsa is the second largest city in the state and is an impossibly cool place to live and visit.

During this time, Goff wrote to his architecture idols, Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright; the latter advised him to avoid school to “keep the part of him that was Bruce Goff” untainted. German Americans (German: Deutschamerikaner) are citizens of the United States of German ancestry; they form the largest ethnic ancestry group in the United States, accounting for 17% of U.S.

population. The first significant numbers arrived in the s in New York and eight million German immigrants have entered the United States since that point.

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