Maggie and dee two sisters two

Unaware of her heritage, she changes her name. Two sisters, Maggie and Dee, are having problems because of the fact that they both want to keep and make use of very important heritage related quilts. However, Mama had promised those quilts to Maggie.

Maggie and dee two sisters two

How to Write a Summary of an Article? There is a palpable difference between Maggie and Dee, both in physical appearance as well as in personality traits and their treatment of the personal artifacts that come into play within the story is very telling of this.

From the onset of the story we are made aware of the tenderness that their mother feels towards Maggie. In addition to her physical flaws, Maggie is described as not being very intelligent.

Yet despite what could be considered as unfortunate traits, Maggie is blessed with a kinder, gentler, more likeable persona. Imagine having suffered a tragic, deforming, childhood accident.

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Maggie who knows how to quilt and chewed checkerberry snuff, already knows what her life has to offer. Her knowledge of her future is derived from her knowledge of her ancestry.

There appears to be no rancor in her acceptance of this. Despite their value as an item of everyday use, the quilts are meaningful to Maggie, much in the way they are to her mother who remembers having quilted them with Big Dee. Dee, on the other hand, is portrayed in a very different light by Walker.

However, their differences do not end there. Dee is intelligent, ambitious and confident. Rather than embracing her family, there is a sense of shame for her impoverished past.

Maggie and dee two sisters two

Her integration into a world away from where she grew up has made her conscious of the value of her heritage, but it can be concluded that it is not for the sentimental value that her heritage holds but for the ability to flaunt that heritage to her new social circle.

Dee wants the quilts for more materialistic reasons. While both the girls came from the same upbringing and both have a desire to bond to their heritage, the reasoning behind that desire, and the difference in their motives, is indicative of their personalities.

She had a vivid recollection and genuine appreciation of her past. Dee, on the other hand, has until this point been unsuccessful at combining her good graces with a heartfelt recognition of her ancestry and her family ties. One can only wonder what would happen to those pieces when the next stylish fad comes along considering her favoring of appearances over substance.

Indeed, Maggie and Dee are two truly different and unique individuals with very contrasting personalities. Works Cited Walker, Alice.Feb 17,  · In the story “Everyday Use,” by Alice Walker, the plot is greatly influenced by Maggie and Dee, the two daughters of the narrator. Although they are sisters and are raised in the same environment, Maggie and Dee are very different from each other; they think and act distinctly.

Maggie and Dee are two sisters who have nothing in common personality wise and how they think. Maggie is the quiet one and is happy with the way her life is while Dee is the one that is out there more and the one who want a better life. These differences create an atmosphere in which Maggie feels inferior to Dee, thus causing tension between the two sisters and their differing expectations of what life will bring them.

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Two sisters want the same quilts made by their grandmother. D. Maggie and Dee want the quilts for different reasons. Ask for details ; Follow Report by Stevenpark 03/16/ Log in to add a comment Want an ad free experience? Get Brainly Plus to avoid next time. Learn more. Jango is about making online music social, fun and simple. Free personal radio that learns from your taste and connects you to others who like what you like. Dec 26,  · Maggie and Wangero (Dee) are sisters. Maggie still lives with their mother in the family home. Wangero has moved on and lives in the city. Wangero has changed her name from Dee to get more in carry on with her heritage.

We are introduced to two very different sisters, Dee and Maggie. Dee is thin, good-looking, and has always had a relatively easy time finding success in life.

Maggie is short, stocky, uneducated, and used to being in the shadows of her older sister, which has resulted in her defeatist attitude.

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