Im black and im proud

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Im black and im proud

But positive change was in the air for blackfellas. Also, aptly, was the International Year of World Indigenous Peoples, with its prime objective being to strengthen Indigenous rights, while developing education and health of Indigenous peoples.


The [AFL] had started ruthlessly undertaking the expansion policy that would eventually make it the premier national sporting competition in Australia The AFL, too, was in the throes of change. Winmar had an attractive flair about his game that was undeniable — his run and carry coupled with his instinctual game smarts and willingness to work hard to achieve an elite fitness level made him an amazing prospect for St.

But this match on 17 April was particularly vicious and uncompromising. Fierce cross town rivals St. The Saints had a knack of taking tight games from the Pies, including an Elimination Final in by 8 points where the Pies were knocked out of the premiership race.

To say tensions were high is an understatement. I hated it, I was very emotionally upset.

Im black and im proud

They can lift a person or destroy a person. This was famously captured by photographer Wayne Ludbey and published in The Age the next day on the front page.

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Winmar was surprised to see his gesture even made it to the papers, let alone the front page. With the AFL being the gatekeepers for a game with a long history of excludingexploiting and preventing Aboriginal people, to change in the culture of the footy community to make it truly inclusive and celebrative of racial diversity is a massive task.

But these events are merely condensed into one week a year and to really make a difference the AFL must start bringing in this Indigenous culture into every round of the year. Its well meaning, but it needs more practical outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

We are all better off for it. He writes, tweets and podcasts about AFL, sport, pop culture and politics.This is basically '60s rap so the music is played on an indefinite loop. Say It Loud – I'm Black and I'm Proud () Gettin' Down to It () Say It Loud – I'm Black and I'm Proud is the 27th studio album by American musician James Brown.

The album was released in March , by King.

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Im black and im proud

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