Gideon trumpet essay

Zionism refers to the political movement that supports the reestablishment of the Jewish state in the land of Israel.

Gideon trumpet essay

The negligence on the part of the Department of Juvenile Justice continues to this day: The children are our heritage and our future. When one is mistreated, it affects an entire society. We must stand for justice now; on their behalf and ours.

Where are we now?

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As is any democratic movement for justice, it takes time and requires patience Gideon trumpet essay diligence. It requires of us to exhaust every available institutional remedy so when and if we reach the point of a negative response from the powers that be, we are able to demonstrate to the citizenry that we have been reasonable and met with unreasoned response.

When we have exhausted that democratic course and we must seek alternate methods in our pursuit of justice. If and when we enliven the Claims Bill we will officially state our grievances, provide the proof of the wrong done to us and our kind and hold the state government responsible for our reparations while at the same time educating the voting people of the state of Florida, especially that of our class of people, of the consequences of this system of injustice levied upon us and now upon the current class.

Should our case fail there we have the option to continue with appeals into the appellate courts and the federal courts. Frankly, we will never receive justice if we are unwilling to work for it. We will never receive justice if it is we who stand alone.

We can only achieve justice if the people of the State of Florida rally to our cause and demand redress and reparations be ordered by the legislature and signed into law by the governor. This process is as old as the call for political and social justice and it requires conscious raising, organizing and the means to bring the voice of the people to the powers that be.

What follows is a tried and true democratic method to achieve just that. We have had our differences in getting here. Some were where we allowed personality issues to override principles, some of the differences were of a strategic nature and we bear the error.

Much of the personal pain that effected those decisions came from the irrevocable lash marks and sexual defilement and their pain consequences and more reflected damage done us. But it is time to let the past be the past for there is one common factor that unites us: The state treated us with inhumane measures, but we have survived.

We were the children who would be under the rule of DJJ today. Thus, we are in a unique situation to be of service to those who are like us. Understanding the racial and economic backgrounds of The White House Boys, all those juveniles who suffered incarceration in the Florida Schools for Boys and Girls and under the rule of the Department of Juvenile Justice, tells us that kids from our class are that last of the last.

We are the last to have stable homes; the last to have the benefit of emotional support for our growing years; we are the last to have adequate funds for food, clothing, lodging, adequate health care; last to have decent a decent education; the first to be drafted; the first to be casualties of war; the last to be adequately defended in court— we were then, the last to have a decent enough background for jobs; to be able to earn our way.

These were a matter of everyday life in our homes. Out of the dysfunction we exploded into the arms of the law enforcement and the courts. Rather than support, care and treatment; rather than having the benefit of adequate legal representation before a court, or psychological this abomination of life been revealed: At best it would be working our lives away at menial jobs, labor or low management positions; living on high interest credit until a meager Social Security would allow us to die slowly, encumbered by age and illness.

That was the forecast if we were lucky enough to evade life sentences in prison or mental institutions or death row. Those were the only portraits of the cruel and inhumane Florida system of corrections and mental health treatment for the world to see.

Our cause is to bring light where there has been none and is to this day the dark shadows in which the state best operates.A Little Book of Eternal Wisdom – Suso A Sermon Preached at the Quaker's Meeting House – Penn A Short and Easy Method of Prayer – Guyon A Short Method Of Prayer And Spiritual Torrents – Bouvieres.

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Gideon trumpet essay

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