Essay about myself mara

First, I think you need to introduce the concept of satire.

Essay about myself mara

Check back soon for new posts by The Ecotourism Expert. Born and raised in Florida, Court spent much of his youth outdoors fostering a strong love and appreciation for nature and wildlife.

So much so that I went to college for 11 years so that I could get a Ph. I was fortunate to be able to travel extensively, organizing and leading over 65 group ecotourism expeditions around the world. Through all this, I was afforded a tremendous appreciation for the diverse cultures and wildlife on our planet.

But, as I look back on my education, one of the biggest positives that I take away is the number of lives I was able to influence in a powerfully positive way throughout my graduate school career.

The importance of ecotourism is multi-tiered. First, there is the traveler. These are people going out of their way to experience something new and adventurous. Returning home, they bring with them not just souvenirs, but stories, memories, and conservation messages from their travels abroad.

A good ecotourism guide will impart their ecotourists with a taste Essay about myself mara their local conservation culture.

Essay about myself mara

This is but one example, for each country, each guide, and each trip will provide unique and memorable opportunities for both leaders and participants to share their own stories.

It may be a message Essay about myself mara the need to plant native milkweeds to help the Monarch butterfly in its annual migrationor it may be a lesson about the importance of amphibians to monitor healthy environments in Costa Rica. Performers are tightening their drums before a performance at Lake Nakuru, Kenya Second, there is the host country.

For example, a forest would be valuable for the wood and the potential space for crops. Prairies were valuable for the arable land and presence of animals to hunt.

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Mountains albeit a bit more recently are great places to mine for minerals and provide grazing land for animals. Ecotourism has been a game-changer. With this new concept well, new since — about the same time as the founding of Nat Hab.

Hmm…there is a new value for natural areas — value which is still based on the collection of natural resources, but as a way to attract people for the purpose of enjoying the landscapes, wildlife, and cultures found in and around such areas.

Simply put, ecotourism creates value for natural areas that remain pristine, unaltered, and, well, natural. For example, a tropical jungle is worth more alive and well when ecotourists pay to see lemurs in Madagascar or Toucans in Brazil instead of cutting the jungle down for agricultural space or timber.

Waterfall at Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar Third, there are the communities that are indirectly involved in ecotourism both in the host country, and the country from which the visitor originates. These are the tour operators, the guides, the lodge and restaurant owners and employees, the vehicle drivers, the park guards, and all those people that benefit from the sale of artisanal products i.

All of these people actually make money because of ecotourism. Thus, they not only spend money within their own communities, but these folks are highly respected because of their prominent jobs and relatively good income.

They are like celebrities. Thus, ecotourism creates a conservation culture where people without any connection to the ecotourism business are positively influenced.

This is all derived from the financial incentive to conserve nature. These are the tour operators and the ecotourist themselves. Ecotourism is the fastest growing sector of the fastest growing industry in the world i.

As it continues to grow, its influence will grow as well. Every single tour operator and every single ecotourist is now an ambassador to ecotourism, which makes them ambassadors to environmental and cultural conservation, too.

They themselves make conscious choices about sustainable living, but their powerful stories and messages after returning from an ecotour will reverberate loudly in our global culture. At risk of repeating myself from above, stories from trips and conservation messages learned while traveling abroad are told and retold to friends and families, bringing more and more people into the fold all the time.

So, hopefully this has overwhelmed you to believe me when I say that ecotourism is critical. Start Planning Your Nature Adventure! Together, Nat Hab and World Wildlife Fund have teamed up to arrange nearly a hundred nature travel experiences around the planet, while helping to protect the wondrous places we visit.

Together, Nat Hab and World Wildlife Fund offer nature travel experiences to over 50 countries around the planet.

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